MX-900 LCD Universal Remote Control

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Are you tired of having too many remote controls lying around your home? Wouldn't it be great to have one remote for everything? That's where theMX-900 LCD Universal Remote Control comes in. It allows you to have up to 40 devices all at the tip of your finger. Straight off the bat the MX-900 has a solid feel in the hand with each button you press giving a reassured resistance. The backlight on the control makes it easy to use in lowlight and possibly to find in the dark. The LCD panel is good and clearly readable.The MX-900 offers a lot of options and should really satisfy your needs with an ability to control over 40 devices at anyone time and with the ability to hold 40 pages on each one of those devices. This means that custom interfaces to be created for every room and for every user to sort and automate their favourite channels.

The MX-900is easy to use with its WATCH and LISTEN buttons that display the activities you can control with the MX-900. When you want to watch something else on a different device, you simply press the WATCH button and select the new activity. Likewise when you wish to listen to say a CD, then you press the LISTEN button and select what you’d like to listen to.The Programming of the MX-900 is pretty simple (unlike the logitech harmony 880) once you get the hang of the software.

MX-900 LCD Universal Remote Control is an excellent product that will really answer all your home theater needs and if you're looking for a good value, then this remote is it. Remove the clutter of remotes in your home today by picking up this beauty at the best price here.

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Last updated: Sunday, November 17, 2019

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