Sony DVP-FX930 Portable DVD Player

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So here we have the Sony DVP-FX930 9inch Portable DVD Player player designed for those on long trips. We've had portable DVD players a good while now. So what I expected was for this product to be pretty developed for what is a specialist product nowadays considering the complete ubiquity of the laptop. Straight off the bat what I notice is that this piece of kit is pretty light with a nice simple design and it doesn't feel like it will fall apart if you look at it the wrong way.

The 9in screen is good quality with clean images and strong colour. It's nothing compared to the big screen but for a portable DVD player you'll be hard pushed to beat it. The best thing about the screen is the 180-degree swivel and flip screen which allows me to watch DVDs from almost angle I needed which is pretty sweet and exactly what you want from a portable DVD player. The sound quality coming from the speakers is standard - nothing amazing but what was important was didn't affect my viewing of "Dr Strangelove" but it is not a good idea to watch a media product which is sonic reliant. Plus it has two headphone jacks so your ready to share the viewing experience whenever you need to. So if you're looking for a little more screen real estate and power than the FX730, and something a little less childish than the bratz portable DVD player, this baby is perfect for you.

The battery life of the Sony DVP-FX930 is great and you should be able to watch two DVDs without recharging. This said it is best to keep it charged and to be aware of powerpoints to hook the portable DVD player into. Plus the Sony DVP-FX930 comes with a handy remote control, good touch buttons and to wrap it off the player also can become a standard at home DVD player. If you need a sole portable DVD player in my honest opinion the Sony DVP-FX930 is definitely a product worth really considering.

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Last updated: Thursday, November 21, 2019

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