Zune HD 32GB Video & MP3 Player

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Microsoft mad and looking for an alternative to the iPod Touch? The Zune HD is a portable video and music player with a great touch-screen interface. The 32GB model holds roughly 48 hours of standard definition video, 10 hours of high definition video and music is what you're into- this baby holds 8000 songs.

Why choose the Zune over the iPod Touch? If screen quality is important to you, the Zune is the way to go. The screen quality is fantastic- it's 3.3-inch screen has 480x272 pixel resolution and this crisp quality far surpasses the iTouch. HD radio is the future. With the new Zune HD, you can access your local HD radio stations to enjoy your favorite news stations, music and sports in crisp clear quality.

Like the new iPod Nano, you can tag songs you hear on the radio to remember what they are. Then you can have a list of all your favorite songs that you would have forgotten the names of otherwise.

Anywhere a Wi-Fi connection is available, you can connect to the web with the Zune. Catch up with Twitter, Facebook, check your e-mail and surf the web on this sleek device. There is tap to zoom technology and a QWERTY keyboard to make this all the more enjoyable. Portable gaming is also a great experience on the Zune. As it has a built-in accelerometer and multi-touch, it offers a great interface for fun gaming. Available in black and silver, this sexy device is definitely one for music lovers.

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Last updated: Thursday, November 21, 2019

Zune HD 32GB Video & MP3 Player Reviews (2)

  1. October 20, 2009 by king Joe

    I love this device, it fits perfectly in my hand. The finish is awesome, resistant to scratches and feels pretty solid. The software is very fast, everything loads fast thanks to the Nvidia Tegra chip. I’m amazed with the menu, it is very easy to use, the hystory and the pin features are very cool. I’m not using the radio feature much, but the HD radio sounds just fantastic. The social features like sharing and downloading favorites are very nice and fun.
    I would highly recommend this device to anyone looking for a portable media player, it’s the best alternative to ipod and it beats it easily in my opinion.

    - size
    - design
    - wifi
    - browser
    - HD radio

    - battery life
    - no integrated speakers

  2. October 20, 2009 by Vladd

    The OLED screen is amazing! The videos look almost 3D on it. The device is quite small and slim, fits perfectly in my hands. The music costs significally less than with the iPod. I like the user interface very much, it is very cool looking and easy to use. HD radio is a nice addition. The sound quality is perfect, although I would like to have a better graphic equalizer.

    I would like to have a better web browser (with flash support) and more apps, hopefully firmware updates will improve this but overall I think it well worth the price I paid for it.

    OLED screen, HD Video, sound quality, HD radio, battery life

    Browser could be better, Price, No Camera, few audio settings

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