Motorola MOTOACTV GPS Sports Watch 16GB

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Smart watches have been around for awhile now. Ever since someone had the genius idea to take the Apple iPod Nano and attach it to your wrist with a watch strap holder, there have been a few entries into the market that have tried to compete with this pretty cool concept. Most of these have been based around variations of the Android operating system, so you could pair the watch with your phone and add some cool apps. However, even the Sony Smart Watch (as pretty as the device is) have lacked that killer app we all want – GPS. Even though the Nike+ SportWatch GPS was 100% geared toward this, it lacked the cool Android OS features. It’s taken awhile, but the Motorola MOTOACTV GPS Sports Watch takes both Android and GPS and combines them beautifully. You’re left with a beautiful touchscreen watch that has so many multiple uses you’ll never get tired of it sitting on your wrist.

It isn’t just all looks of course, this is a powerful piece of hardware that’s been designed to get rough and survive all the sports activities you can throw at it. MOTOACTV is rain resistant, sweatproof, scratch resistant with intuitive controls, and the touchscreen display adjusts to sunlight. You can precisely track your running, walking and cycling time, distance and speed outside via GPS. As well as tracking calories burned and heart rate (the device is compatible with most ANT+ and BLE devices).

Motorola have promised that the MOTOACTV will keep evolving, so expect software updates in the future that will offer up even more amazing functionality. It also learns from you, figuring out what music motivates you, so the MP3 player doubles up as a motivational tool. You’ll get the most out of your music with high-performance playlists.

MOTOACTV is the perfect sports watch. Sorry Nike.

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Last updated: Friday, November 15, 2019

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