Sling Media Slingbox Solo

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Slingbox is a seriously cool technology – it allows you to stream your home TV programs to your broadband enabled computer and smartphones. Both Slingbox (source/ transmitter) and the device (receiver) (computer and smartphones) should be running the SlingPlayer software and they should be connected to high speed broadband networks through a cable or DSL line or even a 3G network. When these conditions are satisfied, the distance between the source and the receiver does not really matter. As long as you are connected to high speed broadband, you can watch your SlingBox playback from anywhere- whether that’s another room in the house, on the train or bus while commuting or even halfway around the world. There are plenty of portable devices that allow you to enjoy gorgeous video- the iPad, iPhone, Macbook Air etc. Yet sometimes it’s nice to just have the shows you love to watch without having to premeditate a viewing. With Slingbox Solo, you’ll never have to miss your favorite TV again.

The SlingPlayer software is available for Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7 and Mac OS X 10.3.9 onwards. The installation software comes in a disk or can also be downloaded for free online. The mobile version of SlingPlayer software comes for many Windows mobile smartphones and handheld devices even your touch screen gadgets. It is available for lots of mobile phones with Palm OS like the Treo 700p as well as phones running the Symbian OS. The software is so popular that it comes preinstalled in a lot of phones on the market today. The Slingbox Solo is a really small device. It is about the size of three DVD cases stacked together and it also retains the trapezoidal shape of the previous models. This time around, it has received a more polished look with jet black color and red accents on the side. There is the metal grille along the top and side that gives the device high-end look.

Whether you’re interested in news, sports or sit coms, get a Slingbox Solo today and enjoy all your TV from anywhere.

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Last updated: Sunday, November 17, 2019

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